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Cash counter machines such as these are the best choice for a smaller business that only counts money once or twice a day. These bill counter machines are light to medium use machines, for smaller batches of money or weekly for large batches of money. You came here because you do not mind separating the bills by denomination prior to counting and you are a light to medium duty user. These currency counters are cost effective, reliable and much more accurate than hand counting your bills by hand. These have been chosen because of their reliability and durability. You cannot buy a better machine for the money. They represent quality and value.

How to Choose a Money Counter:

  • First decide the required speed
  • Then decide whether you need front loading such as the BC-100 or rear loading such as the Concepta or C-6600
  • Then decide if you need counterfeit detection (UV or MG)
V30 Portable Counter
BC-100 UV
BC-100 UV

Discriminating Mixed Bill sorters

Sale 479.00
Semacon S 1000
$259 - $349
Semacon S-1100
$359 - $519
Discriminating Mixed Bill sorters
Currency Bands
coin sorters and count
SALE $339.95
$499 - $699
counterfeit detectors

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