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Money Counter - Currency Counter - Bill Sorter Machines Selector Tool

Money Counter selection is not easy. This easy to use tool guide will help you to choose the correct bill counter to buy based on your needs and use. Just follow the simple steps and answer the questions and in a few minute you will be shown a currency counter or mixed bill counter that best fits your business needs.
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Question: Do you mind pre-sorting the money by denomination prior to counting ?

We have sold these machines to and they are in use at some of the best known companies in America, including
Banks, Nightclubs, Restaurants, Race Courses, Amusement Parks, Convenience Stores.....any business that handles cash ! The BC-2000 -- Digital Bill Counter. This well designed and durable machine not only is extremely accurate but it is also very durable. It can be a great business tool for banks, supermarkets, movie theaters, Taverns, Pizza shops, Churches, retail stores and any other location were currency is used. If your business handles and counts cash these units are great and they can pay for themselves by reducing labor costs and increasing accuracy.

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