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seo 8-1-06

Dust Cover for Money Counters
and Bill Counters

This high quality money counter dust cover will keep dust and dirt from harming your bill counter and money counter machines. They are designed to fit snuggly over the machine at night or when not in use. Please make sure that power is off on the machine during any time that it is covered. All manufacturers of Currency Counters reccommend that the machine be covered when not in use. These covers will reduce downtime and maintenance and keep your machine running longer. They can also be used to cover other devices that are roughly the same size as a money counting machine.

Sturdy Polypropylene dust covers. Keeps your money counter clean when not in use.

  • One size fits all our money counters
  • Available in White only
  • Can be used for all our money counting machines
  • Machine should be powered off when dust covers in place

These sturdy dust covers can be used for many uses other than covering money counters. They can be used to cover any office of home equipment that require a dust cover and will fit under a 14 inches wide x 7.5 inches deep x 8.5 inches tall cover.

Only $18.95 each


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