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A Money Sorter Machine can count and sort Mixed Bills. These are the machine to buy if you Need a Mixed bill counter. These machines can sort bill by denomination.They discriminate between the denominations. You can just drop in a pile of mixed bills and it will count them and give you a total and also tell you how many of each. We have four models to choose from depending on your needs.If you can afford the convenience of just dropping a stack of any size bills into a machine and getting a total dollar readout or sorting them, these machines are accurate, convenient and reliable.
Mixed Bill Counter and Sorters
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These are "mixed bill" money counters. That simply means that they can read the denomination of the bills and can tell the difference between them. They are capable of counting a pile of mixed bills and giving not only the total dollar value of the bills but can also tell you how much of each denomination. They can sort bills by denomination and can face them and orient them. They are batch capable as well. These highly versatile counters eliminate the need to presort bills prior to counting. They employ the highest levels of counterfeit bill detection and upon encountering a counterfeit bill they will halt counting and display an error message.

Mixed Mode: Identifies and counts mixed denomination notes at 1000 notes/Min

Single Mode:Counts and separate one denomination of note from others

Face Mode:Face mode will process all faced (front side)notes into the main pocket and unfaced (back side) to the reject pocket.

Orientation:Orientation Mode will process same direction of front side of a note to the main pocket and other direction of front side of a note to the reject pocket.

Print: Print mode will print a report of value and piece count of all denomination of notes with RS232 Serial Dot Matrix or Thermal Printer.


* No of Pockets: 2 (1 stacker & 1 reject)
* Counting Speed: 800 /1000 / 1200 NPM
* Note Hopper: 500 New / 400 Old Notes
* Stacker: 200 new and 150 Old Notes
* Reject pocket: max 70 notes
* 90 Day mail in warranty
* Counterfeit Detection: Magnetic
* Dimension (WxLxH): 12.7" x 12.4" x 11.5" approx
* Net weight: 32lbs
* Power 90-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Some other features are: Handle Bills in any condition Offers Magnetic Detection Shows a full-graphic display Provides instant error detection Automatic and Manual Start RS-232 Interface Heavy Duty application The Billcon D-501 offers a variety of counting modes: 1)Mixed Mode (Mixed Counting) 2)Single Mode (Different Denomination Detection Counting) 3)Separation Mode (Separate Denomination Counting) 4)Direction Mode (Facing and Orientation Counting) 5)Free Mode (Piece Counting).
No presorting is necessary. Simply choose your settings, place the bills in the hopper, and go. The SB-1000 counts the bills you want to count into the stacker, and automatically diverts the others to the large 100-note-capacity pocket. Everything is performed quickly and accurately with no need to stop midway through the process.

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