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Counterfeit Detectors

Our Counterfeit Money detectors are designed to catch fake bills and save your business from loss due to counterfeit currency. We have several models ranging from simple money tester pens to sophisticated automatic bill detectors. Watch Video on how to prevent accepting counterfeit bills

Cassida Quattro employs the most advanced technology in counterfeit detection today and eliminates the frustration of feeding bills correctly. The Quattro allows you to insert bills in any orientation - face up or face down - and instantly know whether a bill is genuine or suspect. Easy to understand PASS and FAIL indicators show if bills are legitimate or should be rejected. Detects WASHED Bills.
Runs on Battery and included AC adapter

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US-Currency Professional Infrared & Magnetic Discriminating Detector and counter.
Automatic Pass-Fail UV-MG and IR detection at point of sale.

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Sale $189.95

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S-950 US

  • Automatic UV-MG and
    IR detection
  • Included AC-DC adapter
  • Uses simple re-green Pass-Fail indicator
  • Fast and easy to use
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Sale $197

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Point of sale watermark and UV Strip detector.


Sale $43.99

Best price on the web


Money Tester Pen

Counterfeit Detection Point of Sale Pens.
Work on All Currencies
(Packed individually in blister packs)

3 for $12.99


12 for $27.95

Have you ever had the misfortune of accepting a counterfeit 50 or 100 dollar bill ? If you have then you know how angry this can make you and how you never want that to happen again. Counterfeit money is an ever growing problem. The Federal Government is constantly trying to keep one step ahead of the counterfeiters but with today's technology in computers and copiers, it is very easy for even an amateur to make bills that can easily be passed to an unwary business or individual. Fortunately there are some steps you can take to help protect your business from accepting a fake bill.
. It is easy to protect yourself from counterfeiters with the products presented on this page. This is the fastest and easiest way to protect you business from costly losses resulting from accepting counterfeit bills at the point of sale. Once your business accepts a counterfeit bill it is your loss. If the bank detects a false bill in your deposit then the bill will not be credited to your account and you will take the loss. You need to have a counterfeit detector at the point of sale and check all large bills at the cash register. With today's color copiers, anyone can be a counterfeiter, protect yourself, this is the easiest and least expensive solution. Works on all US bills including the new design tens, twenties and fifties. These counterfeit detectors are simple, easy to use and it only takes a second to be safe.
Be aware that counterfeiters tend to hit one area very hard for a week or so then move on when the heat gets to be too much for them. Keep in contact with local police and businesses so you know when an area has unusual activity and during these times you can be more vigilant. Post a sign prominently in your place of business warning crooks that you employ counterfeit detection devices. Please click here to find out more about protecting your business from counterfeit currency Counterfeit Tips Act now ! You cannot be too careful, protect your business by investing in one of these products today.
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