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Coin Counters

CS-2000 Instructions
Congratulations, you have purchased one of the finest coin counters on the market. Please read these instructions carefully so you can get the best use from your machine.


1. Please be careful opening the box so you do nnot damage the contents.


    2. Box should contain:

  • CS-2000 machine
  • Instruction book
  • Spare belts and brush
  • * Coin Tubing set is optional
  • Pack of 4 canvas coin bags
  • Power cord
  • Shroud top
  • Reject cup
  • Reject bag holder
  • Tubing clip

3. Place machine on table and attach power cord
4. Line up coin input shroud and snap into place
5. Place cup or bag holder on reject output on right side of machine

6.Attach bags to front output and reject output by sliding up the bag holer ring and placing bag under ring and sliding rin back down
7. Select Coin Size on both knobs (ie. set them both on quarters..

Pour the coins into the hopper and hit start, Coins will separate with the selected size coming out the fron and being counted and the rejected coins going out the side
You can batch by selecting the batch count and hitting the batch button to make the machine stop at a pre-determined count

To use the coin tubing set you must use the cartridge type coin wraps and NOT the flat coin wraps.

Cartridge Coin Wrappers

Cartridge coin wraps are required as shown above, not the flat wraps shown below:


Attach coin tube as shown (Optional)
Place retention clip on bottom (Optional)
Slide coin size tube into the attachment (Optional) (ie orange one for quarters)

Place Cartrige type coin wrap crimp end down into the holder and set batch count to roll count(ie 40 for quarters, 50 for pennies etc), then press start and roll will fill, when it stops , move retention clip and slide roll out bottom of tube and crimp

Cartridge Coin Wrappers


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