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High Speed Coin Sorter Value Counter S-1200

Model Sale Price Add to Cart
CS-1200 Coin Sorter
(Save $120)

Serial Printer
$ 195

This Coin Sorter and Value Counter CS-1200 is a heavy duty Mixed coin value counter and sorter. Counting all five U.S. coin denominations. It is a commercial grade piece of equipment that can be used by a variety of businesses, retail stores, banks and more. It is compact and easy to move, allowing it to be used on a desktop or tabletop. It can be used with optional bagging & wrapping attachments. TheCS-1200 series can also be set up for a variety of batch counting jobs. Order your CS-1200 series coin counter today!

CS-1200 Series

Coin Types
U.S. penny, nickel,
dime, quarter, dollar

Counting Speed
1200 coins per minute

Hopper Capacity
Up to 1500 coins
(depending on denominations)

Power Consumption
80 Watts

17.75W x 8.25D x 10H
450 W x 210 D x 255 H mm
(without accessories)

16 lbs / 7.6 kg

Factory Warranty 1 Year

  • Ease of Use
    The CS-1200 Series Mixed Coin Sorter / Value Counter features an easy to use control panel while offering more features and options than other coin sorters.
  • Sorting and Counting Functions
    The model CS-1200 can sort and count all five U.S. coin denominations simultaneously and provides value counting displays for each denomination and the total of all denominations. The machine can also optionally display accumulated totals for multiple sorts.
  • Flexible Batching
    This Mixed Coin Sorter / Value Counter enables the operator to select batch stop settings for each denomination separately (typically used in coin packaging/wrapping applications) or for all denominations together (typically used in bagging applications). Batching may also be turned off if not desired.
  • Bagging and Packaging Options
    Separate bagging and container attachments are available for each coin denomination.
  • Exceptional Durability
    The model CS-1200 features a solid chassis and heavy duty metal components designed to withstand the heavy use found in commercial sorting and counting applications.
  • Compact Design
    This machine is designed to provide the functionality and performance of much larger machines but in a smaller package that can fit on your desktop or tabletop.
  • Accessories Included
    5 coin drawers,
    dust cover,
    2 Extra cpin disks
    cleaning brush,
    operating manual.
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