Coin Counter Machine Portable CS-10

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  • Latest design, improved model
  • 4 in 1 - count, batch, sort, package
  • High accuracy, Portable, Fast
  • Counts 2000 coins/min
  • !!! HERES A GREAT DEAL !!!
    Coin Counter Machine CS-10 is portable with carrying handle, easier to use and built with an innovative sleek design for customer appeal. Best suitable to count / bag / package coin or chips in Banks, Retail Stores, Amusement Facilities, Vending businesses and many others.
  • HAS Batch mode so you can enter a pre-set number. Will stop when it reaches that number.
  • Best for counting already sorted coins or tokens.
    • Portable model with carrying handle.
    • Counting speed up to 2,000 Coins / min - continuous.
    • Hopper capacity 2500 approx. US Dimes.
    • SIX coin sizes. Does American pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, half dollars and gold dollars
    • Count and Display the number on 4 digits LED.
    • Off-sorts undersized coins during operation.
    • Free adjustable Denomination Selector.
    • Automatically Bagging and counting to the last coin.
    • Automatically Rejects unspecified coin denominations into Reject Coin Box.
    • Speedy Batch handling when wrapping or Pre-set for countinuous Count or verifying.
    • Display Grand Total in Preset Operation.
    • VOLTAGE 110V/60Hz.
    • Dimension - 14"(L)�9.5"(W)�7"(H)approx
    • Weight - 17.6Lbs
    • Simple operation with easy to read data.
    • 90 days manufacturer's warranty under Normal Operation.
    • Brand: Ribao CS-10

    Package includes:

    • Carrying Handle.
    • Coin receiving Bag/Tube Holder - 1pc
    • Coin Reject Cup & reject Bag Holder.
    • Operating Manual.
    • 90 Day warranty under normal use
  • Download Instruction manuals


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