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We rent money counter mixed bill counter and coin counter machines. We have been renting banking and cash management equipment for 15 years and are the largest rental firm in North America. We ship the machine to you via UPS to arrive a day or two before you need it. The machines are completely tested and professionally packaged prior to each rental. When you are done renting the machine you simply ship it back to us within a few days of completetion. We only charge you for the actual days you USE the machine. Below are the machines available for rental and the prices. To rent any of these items simply print out the Rental Agreement form and fax, email or text it to us. (Text to 610-715-7900) We will ship the product to you by the date required. See terms and condiitions below

BC-100 UV Currency Counter
$32 per day or $95 week
(2 day minimum)

EB-6000 UVMG Currency Counter
$37 per day or $110 week
(2 day minimum)

Cassida Cube
Mixed Bills Discriminating Counter
$65 per day or $225 per week
(2 day minimum)

C-200 Coin Counter & Sorter
$42 per day or $110 week
(includes bins and coin tubes)
(2 day minimum)

CS-20 Coin Counter
$47 per day or $120 week
(2 day minimum)

CS-600-A Rail Coin Counter
$79 per day or $279 week
(2 day minimum)

You can rent any of our money counters or coin counters by the day or weekTerms:
  • Equipment will be inspected by Mitchell Enterprises personnel prior to rental
  • Equipment should be returned in the condition in which it was received. If our staff must spend extra time cleaning the equipment, the renter will be charged for this service.
  • If the equipment is damaged and/or lost due to negligence on the part of the renter or his/her staff, the renter will be responsible for any repair work or replacement of any part(s).
  • If the equipment is not shipped back within 48 hours after its use, the renter will be charged for each additional day that the equipment is out, unless prior arrangements have been made. Tracking information will be used to determine date of return shipment.
  • Equipment must be returned in it's original packing box, with all the original accessories and instructions and with original packing.
  • Insure return shipment for full value. Renter is responsible for loss if not adequately packed and insured.
  • Renter will be charged for outgoing shipping and renter will be responsible for return shipping charges
  • Rental contract terms are binding and once rental machine is shipped there can be no refunds or credits.
  • Download Rental Agreement form (pdf)

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